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Bausch & Lomb 9844 - "Library Microscope"

Compound microscope by Bausch & Lomb, 4/4 19th C.


The tripod base of this fascinating instrument sustains two pillars. The curved limb ends with an arm where is the rack and pinion mechanism to adjuste the body tube for focus, controlled by mean of two knurled knobs. Under the circular stage there is no condenser or other device to control the light beam, only the two sided mirror on a gimbal.

This a rare Bausch & Lomb "Library Microscope" as identically pictured in a ca. 1886-1896 Bausch & Lomb catalogue. To further add to its rarity it is signed by the seller, James Queen, Phila. The serial number of the scope, 9844, is imprinted on the inside of the box edge as was customary with B & L before they began placing serial numbers on the actual microscopes. The cataloge picture is shown in Gordon Reithmeier's book on Bausch & Lomb microscopes of 1997. The microscope is in original pristine condition retaining all its lacquer. The original case is missing the carry handle. This microscope is a clear indication that Bausch & Lomb made microscopes to be sold under the James Queen label and without the Bausch & Lomb name.

Bononiae Microscope - Bausch & Lomb 9844, stand with case  Bononiae Microscope - Bausch & Lomb 9844, the stand Bononiae Microscope - Bausch Lomb 9844, rear view of the stand Bononiae Microscope - Bausch & Lomb 9844, the stage Bononiae Microscope - Bausch & Lomb 9844, detail of foot engraving        

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