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Zentmayer 695

Bononiae Microscope - Zentmayer 695,  number engraved on the footCompound microscope by Zentmayer, ¾ 19th C.

Signed: J. Zentmayer Philadelphia U.S. Navy Med. Dept

This microscope, in beautiful working condition, stands on a tripod foot. At the end of a leg is engraved with the number 695. There is a single pillar, which has a compass joint that holds the limb. The body tube has coarse focus by rackwork, controlled by two knurled knobs, and runs in a groove. The fine focus adjustment is by short lever on the nosepiece. The draw tube, with a collar, has four rings signed on it and can slide in and out to change the magnification range. The stage is screwed to the limb and below there is a short cylinder with a rotating plate with four apertures. Up the stage there is a screwed clip with a washer. The two-sided reflecting mirror is on a support that runs on an arm, fixed to the limb that can rotate.
An eyepiece and an objective are present, but accessories and box are missing.

The renowned microscope craftsman, Joseph Zentmayer of Philadelphia, made this antique instrument. Zentmayer emigrated from Germany in the early 1800's and manufactured quality instruments until his death in 1888.

Bononiae Microscope - Zentmayer 695, detail of the foot Bononiae Microscope - Zentmayer 695, stand 

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