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Koristka Regio Esercito

Compound microscope by Koristka, c. 1930

Signed: Fratelli KORISTKA Milano N.° 18654 Regio Esercito Sanità Militare
Brev. 376-546 (at the arm top)
Case 16 x 26,5 x 21 cm

This beautiful model was endowed to the Italian Regio Esercito - Sanità Miltare (Royal Army - Medical Corps). The foot, of the horseshoe type, sustains a short rectangular pillar; the curved limb and the arm are attached to the pillar by a joint. The front of the arm has coarse focus by a double milled-head pinion, and a side fine adjustment on the arm. The body tube has a rack at the back, a triple nosepiece and a drawtube. The circular stage has two centring screws and two clips on it; under it there is a sliding iris diaphragm with a movable ring for filters. In the lower end of the limb the two-sided mirror is sustained by a joint; it can be replaced by a light source composed of a condenser (signed: Fratelli KORISTKA Milano) and the original bulb (Philips 6-0,35), with the originals wires in cloth and the transformer (signed: Fratelli G.F.& I Koristka MILANO Piazza Duomo Via Orefici 1).
The optical system comprises three objectives, signed respectively:
R. E Sanità Militare Fratelli Koristka Milano 100x 1,30 Imm. Olio
" 12x 15m/m 0,30
" 45x 4,2 m/m 0,85
and three eyepieces:
R. E. Stà Mre 6x H.M
8x H
14x H
The three canisters are painted black, with a logo on the cap and signed: 12x, 45x and 100x respectively.
There are a small box with glasses and a blue filter, and a small bottle for cedar oil. The case is in pinewood, with handle and hooks chromium-plated, and on the door is signed (within a rhomb): REGIO ESERCITO SANITA' MILITARE.
A complete, beautiful and interesting instrument from a renowned Italian maker of the time.

Bononiae Microscope - Koristka Rergio Esercito full view Bononiae Microscope - Koristka Regio Esercito stand

Bononiae Microscope - Koristka Regio Esercito transformer Bononiae Microscope - Koristka Regio Esercito detail of optical tube

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