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Engell 465, School and Salon microscope

Simple demonstration microscope made by Engell.

Inside the cover:

Ocular & Linsen-Systeme von E. Hartnack
G. Oberhäuser in Paris.
Schaeffer & Budenberg

Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465, slide fixingIn this simple microscope, the coarse focus is obtained by the sliding tube, while the fine focus is achieved by a screw on the side of the optical tube. The objective is of the "Lieberkühn" type. When in use, the slide is positioned in a groove and the rotated to fix it firmly (see picture on the right). Then, it was pointed toward a light source (for example the sky); in this way many people could observe the specimen passing the instrument hand by hand.

Within the cover there is a decorative paper, reporting as the lens system was due to Hartnack, one of the most famous lens-maker of the time, in turn Oberhauser successor.

 Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465 demonstration microscope Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465, fine focus screw Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465, objective with lieberkuhn Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465 cover

Bononiae Microscope - Engell 465, example of a slide

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