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Merz 1398

Merz portraitCompound microscope by Merz, 4/4 19th C.

Signed: G. & S. Merz in Munchen N:1398

Case 35 x 17 x 14.5 cm

This all-brass instrument has a horseshoe foot, with a rectangular pillar supporting the stage with two clip-holders on the front. Fixed at the back of the stage there is a triangular-shaped sleeve containing the fine focus, adjusted by a knurled knob at the bottom. A horizontal arm supports the body tube, that screw into a ring at the end, and is pushed for coarse focus. A swinging arm supports the large mirror and a knob at the back of the pillar controls its position. Under the left side of the stage a brass collar slides on an iron pillar, allowing rotation and vertical motion of a five holes diaphragm.
The microscope is contained in a pine-dovetailed case with two brass hooks and no lock, but with provision for a padlock. There are two objectives with two brass canisters signed respectively: 240 360 480 960 and 60 90 120 on the body, 1"/12 and 1"/3 on the cap; three eyepieces signed 1, 1 ½ and 2.
This is a high quality microscope, with a characteristic brown lacquer.

 Bononiae Microscope - Merz 1398 Bononiae Microscope - Merz stage, detail Bononiae Microscope - Merz stand

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