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Hartnack & Prazmowski 19422

Compound microscope by Hartnack & Prazmowski, circa 1860

Signed on the tube: E Hartnack & A. Prazmowski Rue Bonaparte 1 Paris

German brass microscope equipped with an assortment of accessories and its original wooden case.

The horseshoe-shaped foot supports the microscope, which is mounted on a brass pillar that holds the mirror, stage and carries the adjustable inclination joint for the body tube. The plano-concave mirror is mounted on a swinging arm beneath the stage, and this one retains the original clips. The arm carries the fine focus knob on its top, where a horizontal arm ending in a ring holds the brass sleeve that supports the microscope body tube. 
The microscope is accomodated disassembled inside the box. there is a drawer and a rack for the oculars. Two objectives complete the outfit. The wooden block is inscribed with the number "19422".


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