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Paul Waechter 15937

Model Va, circa 1890

Signed: Paul Waechter, Friedenau 15937

Case 30x15x12 cm

This model is a stand Va by the optical firm of Paul Waechter in Berlin. It has a green painted horseshoe foot, with the pillar sustaining the stage and the plano/concave mirror on swing arm. Ths stage is signed in the upper part , near the pillar: Paul Waechter,Friedenau.
Coarse focus is by rackwork; fine focus is by a milled screw under the stage moving a plate, where can be found also a three holes diaphragm. The outfit comprises objectiva and ocular and a slide signed R. GETSCHMANN BERLIN.
Signed inside the case: Paul Waechter,Friedenau (with the serial number) 15937; the magnification table is printed on a carboard.


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