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Merker 8337

Compound microscope by Ludwig Merker

Signed (on the stage): Ludwing Merker,Wien,XVIII Czermkg.15

Case: 28,5 x 12 x 11 cm

The microscope has a horseshoe foot with a pillar that supports the trunnion. Under the stage the mirror is fixed through the pillar with a connecting rod. The stage is fixed to the pillar with screws and has two clips on it. The tube is connected to the pillar with two control sticks; coarse focus is done by moving the body tube within its sleeve; fine focus is by a micrometric screw on the top of the limb. There are three objectives signed N°3, N°6, N°9; one ocular signed N.4 "W&H Seibert Wetzlar" and N. 5.


Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, the case Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, the serial number on the case 

Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, detail of the stage Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, stage engraving Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, the objectives Bononiae Microscope - Merker 8337, the ocular by Seibert

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