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Waechter 18526 - Stand VI

Monocular compound microscope by Paul Waechter

Case 28 x 12 x 9 cm

The green painted foot sustains a tapered pillar. It supports the stage and the rest of the microscope including a bar limb, a brass sleeve and the body tube. The rectangular stage has a circular three holes diaphgram below, with a milled screw for fine focus. The plano-concave mirror is attached on a brass clamp that extends through the pillar.
The microscope is contained in a case with a table for magnification and a tag with the following inscription:

Optische Werkstaffe

Paul Waechter


N° 18526

The optics includes an ocular and an objective signed 3.


Bononiae Microscope - Paul Waechter stand VI into the case Bononiae Microscope - Paul Waechter stand VI Bononiae Microscope - Paul Waechter stand VI, detail of the stage  

Posted in Germany