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Hensoldt Tami 38455

Compound pocket microscope by Hensoldt, after 1920

Inscriptions: HENSOLDT WETZLAR 38455 (on top of cover)

                        >Tami< Hensoldt Wetzlar (on focusing tube)

                        38455 D.R.P. (on focusing tube)

Another example of the Tami pocket microscope by Hensoldt, a solid and rugged instrument designed for field work.  For a description, plese refer to Tami 5908. The inscriptions D.R.P. means "Deutsches Reichs Patent", i.e., German Reich Patent.

Bononiae Microscope - Hensoldt Tami 38455 stand with case Bononiae Microscope - Hensoldt Tami 38455 body Bononiae Microscope - Hensoldt Tami 38455 body with serial number Bononiae Microscope - Hensoldt Tami 38455 stage Bononiae Microscope - Hensoldt Tami 38455, top of the metal cover

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