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Nachet "Microscope nouveau modèle"

Compound microscope by Nachet, c. 1886

Signed: NACHET & FILS 17, Rue St. Severin Paris

The microscope resembles the Nachet medium microscope with the same horseshoe-shaped base with a cupped heel. The base is brass and weighted with lead. The stand consists of a round pillar topped with an inclining joint. This joint is attached to the stage, and the stage carries the upper part of the microscope.

The tube is carried in a sleeve attached with rack and pinion to a bracket on the main pillar of the microscope. This pillar is fixed to the back of the stage. The tube has telescoping sections. The nosepiece is integral to the tube. Coarse focus is by sliding the tube and rackwork. Fine focus is by a micrometer screw in the top of the pillar.

The square stage has two, spring-loaded, stage clips.

There is a substage condenser with an iris diaphgram on a swing-aside mount. The substage mirror is plano-concave and has knurled screws for adjusting its angle. The mirror is fork-mounted on an articulated arm below the stage.

The microscope has one eyepiece (# 2) and one objective (#3).

In Nachet's catalogue of 1886 this microscope was sold for 300 fr.

Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele" stand Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele" inclined horizontally Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele" foot engraving Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele", substage condeser and mirror 
Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele", the condenser Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "nouveau modele", the mirror  

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