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Bouquette Paris

Compound microscope, Bouquette Paris, 2/4 19th C.


Case: 32 x 20 x 12 cm, height c. 30 cm

The instrument is made entirely out of lacquered brass. The base, lead weighted for stability, supports a short pillar ending with a compass joint to allow inclination of the limb and with a clamping screw. Raw adjustment is via sliding-tube, the fine focus is achieved by a micrometric screw atop the column. The squared stage retains one of the clips, below the stage a four-aperture rotating disc can rotate around a pin in and out. The optical outfit includes one objective with a single button signed "9", an eyepiece, one lens for the condenser, a further diaphgram signed "gaudin paris", a 8 mm thick lens for quick observations; mirror and bull's eye are missing.

Bononiae Microscope - Bouquette stand  Bononiae Microscope - Bouquette case Bononiae Microscope - Bouquette ocular 

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