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Nachet "Microscope plus simple"

Bononiae Microscope - Nachet optical tubeCompound microscope by Nachet, c. 1886

Signed: NACHET & FILS 17, Rue St. Severin Paris

Box 29 x 16,5 x 11 cm; height (closed) c. 25,5 cm

 This microscope has a cast horseshoe foot that supports the fixed pillar with a rectangular stage, with two slide clips. Above, the pillar contains the fine focus with knurled knob at the top. A bar with collar holds the slit sleeve in which runs the body-tube. Under the stage there is a three holes rotating diaphragm. The plano-concave mirror is on a swing arm. The objective is signed 7, while the eyepiece is marked 2. The mahogany box with handle has purple velvet on the supports and has a drawer with an ivory pull for storage of accessories, but none are present.
In the Nachet's catalogue of 1886, page 16, it is described as "Microscope plus simple", with one objective n. 6 and one eyepiece, for a maximum of 400 x and it was sold for 85 fr. The same model, but with objective n. 7 and a maximum of 560 x, was sold for 90 fr.

Bononiae Microscope - Nachet "Microscope plus simple" Bononiae Microscope - Nachet stand Bononiae Microscope - Nachet stage Bononiae Microscope - Nachet,  detail of the engraving on the optical tube Bononiae Microscope - Nachet microscope into the case

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