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Crouch 1667

Compound binocular microscope by Crouch, 2nd half 19th C.

Signed: Henry Crouch London 1667

Case 39,5 x 22 x 17,5 cm

The curved foot has trunnions supporting the curved limb; the lower end is tubular with a sliding case and arm and gimbal for the plano-concave mirror. There is rackwork coarse focus moving the Wenham binocular body-tube in a dovetail, with fine focus by a short lever screw on the nosepiece. The interocular distance is varied by rackwork of the drawtubes, the milled-head is on the right.
The circular stage has an outer knurling and its upper surface is of black glass.
The mahogany case, with its key, has a shaped wood with housing for the accessories. These include a bull's eye with stand, tweezers and forceps, a pair of shading eyecaps. There are two objectives, with three brass canisters marked respectively: 1 in H. Crouch London; 2/3 H. Crouch London; C. ZEISS JENA 1/12 Homog. Immers. Apert.1.30. Finally, a diaphragm, two stops, a live box, a small circular brass box complete the equipment.

Bononiae Microscope - Crouch 1667, the microcope in the case with its set of accessories Bononiae Microscope - Crouch 1667, detail of the stand

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