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Cary field microscope (Gould-type), smaller example

Gould-type microscope by Cary, 2/4 19th C.

Signed: Cary LONDON

Box 9,4 x 7,7 x 3,6 cm

The mahogany box is lined with green velvet; the pillar screws into a boss in the lower edge. A concave mirror, with silver loss due to age wearing, pins into the pillar, and the stage is fixed into a bracket moved by rackwork for focusing. The body tube screws into a bar fixed to the top of the pillar. There are three objectives numbered 1 to 3, the latter of highest power. A live box is also present, with a brass disc for supporting.

Bononiae Microscope - Cary Gould-type microscope in its mounted position 

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